I look back on the time I spent as a “christian” and I often wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t wasted all that time on such a foolish notion.  I would like to share with you the process that I consider to be my deconversion from xtianity.

First, let me digress a little bit. I had been a little skeptical,  in retrospect, about the religious beliefs that I had been indoctrinated into since I was old enough to speak. I would ask questions about  things I had learned in Sunday school and the answer I almost always received was, “ours is not to question, we aren’t meant to understand god’s will”.  I just accepted this answer as the truism I was indoctrinated to believe it to be.  It wasn’t until I got to my teenage years that I really began to question things and my skepticism blossomed.

My true awakening did not occur until my 41st year on this planet. This was when I read “The God Delusion” By Richard Dawkins. As I turned the pages of this wonderful work, I suddenly,  and quite sadly,  realized that I had wasted many years of my life. Not on xtianity but on rampant agnosticism.  Years that I could have been studying great works by the likes of Dawkins, Krauss, Kant, and others. But,  I digress.  Having truly opened my eyes for the first time, I felt as if this gigantic weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt freer than I had felt in my entire life.

No,  it wasn’t some miraculous light or the heavens didn’t open up or anything. It was simply a realization.  Moving forward to the present day, I am active on Twitter and have become an outspoken atheist.  I will always rue the time I wasted but, alas, the past cannot be changed.  I truly feel pity for those misguided xtians that continue to waste their time on some fairy tale sky wizard!

The question most often asked of me is; how can you have any morals without religion? My answer is simple. I derive my morals based on millions of years of evolution and the fact that I have a deep seated sense of what is right and what is wrong. If you look at the xtian religious aspect of right vs. wrong, there is a a lot of wrong in the xtian bible.  

Well that is all for now.  That is a lot off of my mind. 




I had the privilege and honor of riding in Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day weekend 2016. There were approximately 14,000 motorcycles that descended on DC that weekend.  I rode in honor of my recently deceased sister that served in the Army.

Rolling Thunder 2016